28 September 2011

Local Heritage Listing for the Brownhill Creek Lining

Sometimes the Eastern Courier just can't get it right. In the article headed Heritage Battle Over Brownhill Creek the articles implies that Council is not supporting heritage listing. If you read to the last sentence you find the truth. That is that the Council could not find evidence to support State heritage listing but it could support Local heritage listing. Both offer protection to the stonework that is so valuable. While State listing would afford more protection even this could be challenged if the situation warranted it (most likely flood mitigation). I asked over 4 years ago now for staff he investigate the heritage value of the stones and was told at that time the evidence did not support any listing at all. So, this item will be added to the heritage DPA that currently is waiting for the Minister to sign off. There is no battle here between Council and anybody else, just a sensible solution. It is possible that they stones could be State heritage listed if the government (not Council) sees fit to do so.

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