25 January 2012

Full Council 30th January 2012

There was no City Strategy meeting in January. Decisions made at the Council meeting will not have an opportunity for further review other than meeting the usual budget hurdles. The full ageda can be found at http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/Council%20Agenda%20January%202012.pdf. ; The agenda this month includes;

  • Kelvin Avenue landscaping; the results from the public consultation have been collated. After all of the submissions were analysed the final outcome was in favour of the landscaping by 60% to 40%. This is the 4th time Council has publicly consulted on this and the outcome has been the same every time. A petition in September (signed by over 100 Unley rate payers) called for 2 way access to be retained and the landscaping plan achieves this with in budget. It is worth noting that some people who were very supportive of the original plan to close the road withdrew their support during this process. Much of the negative feedback related to the state of the footpaths, especially in William St. I have worked tirelessly on getting the footpath programme accelerated. At this time William St is still not on the forward 3 year plan, however, with ward equity I believe that Don and I should be able to achieve this. The current concept plan has the approval of DPTI, it will also be larger than all but one pocket park already constructed in Unley.

  • Regulated Trees-Council has prepared a submission regarding the interim legislation. It has made comment in particular about their impact on solar collection panels and that an urban tree fund needs to be established to collect the monies paid when trees are removed.

  • Inclusion of Local government in the constitution. The reports calls for a fund to be collected raising awareness of the need for a referendum to this effect. Under current legislative provisions all grants to Council have to be administered by the state government rather than being paid directly to Council.

  • Ipads for Councillor Use-some Councillors and staff have been trialling the use of these devices in an effort to reduce the amount of paper used to print agendas for meetings. While I personally am not sure about this, I would like to be able to reduce my reliance on the current printed agendas that get.

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