04 January 2012

Kylie's Bakery corner

Concerns have been raised many times about the safety of this corner (Aroha Tce and Leah St).

There are currently several recently damaged parking signs that will be replaced shortly.
The installation of rubber speed cushions in Leah St should reduce the speed of traffic entering the corner that are south bound. There is already a symbolic "bend" sign, together with an advisory 25km/h speed sign, located on the stobie pole on Leah Street (immediately north of Norman Tce) to alert motorists to slow down to negotiate the bend into Aroha Terrace. Both of theses signs are damaged and will also be replaced.
In addition, a hazard board (white chevrons on a black background) will be installed on the southern footpath of Aroha Terrace to alert southbound motorists on Leah Street that they are approaching the T- intersection with Aroha Terrace (as is currently installed opposite East Avenue).

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  1. Hey Jennie
    How about acknowledging me.
    I was proactive on this after talking with the local traders.