01 January 2012

January Update 2012

What is this thing? Although it looks like a new mobile phone tower it seems it is a fixture that has always been in this location but due to vegetation changes is now more visible. It is an old outlet from the sewer to allow for the dispersal of gas. This is on the corner of Ormonde Ave and Millswood Cres.

A gate on the western entrance to Page Park has been installed at last. This should now ensure that dogs exercised off leash are safe from accidentally accessing either East Avenue or Oakfield Ave.

The Spiers St footpaths and landscaping is now nearly complete. The bunting that had been removed has now been replaced as the footpath is deemed to be unsafe until the plantings are complete.

The golden rain trees in Ripon Rd have taken a bit of a hit lately. The two at 14 and 16 have been deemed to be 80% dead, one has lost a limb recently. Council's arborist is assessing the trees to see if removal and replacement is necessary.
Hard waste collection; the waiting time for this is now at least 8 weeks. So book ahead to get the clean up done. You will be sent a green sticker to indicate that your hard waste has not been dumped.

Sustainable garden workshop; At the following link you will find information about a free workshop to be held on Sat 4th February. If you're thinking about being more sustainable in your garden then this might be of interest.

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  1. Just for the record, the "thing" is an educt vent, as opposed the one that lives in a funny tapered louvered box about one and a half metres high, which allows air into the sewer, called an induct vent. How about that for some New Years trivia?