24 January 2012

What's new ?

I'm back and ready to help again with any inquiries. It is great to observe how other places are governed and how the people live. Surprisingly, a number of people we spoke to who had left Laos in the mid 70's have chosen to return. The reason given; that they couldn't live in houses where they didn't know their neighbours and have an opportunity to interact with them and family frequently and with out having to call first. I know this isn't the case with every one but seems to now be a frequent occurrence. In the meantime Council have;

  • Participated in a Watch Around Water initiative that is hoped will reduce deaths of young children in backyard pools and other bodies of water

  • Held the annual Gourmet Gala in King William Rd as part of the Tour Down Under

  • Saved the huge tree on the corner of Northgate Ave and Victoria Ave from almost certain death- this is one of Unley's oldest and largest original river red gums. a quick resoponse has enabled the health of the tree to improve, we will need to watch the tree closely for sometime to see if the initial results can be maintained over the longer term.

  • Organised a citizenship ceremony for Australia Day. These are always enjoyable and positive events.

  • The Mayor has been to court again. He is yet to plead on the majority of charges. It is my understanding , from reading the press releases, that his lawyer is asking for some evidence to be ruled as inadmissible. If accepted this would reduce the prosecutions opportunity to get a conviction.

  • Free Water Saving Info Packs. The City of Unley has information packs about water saving from Water for Good available at reception and the Civic Library.These info packs are free to Unley residents and have information on water saving and rebates

  • The next Unley Business breakfast will be held on the 7th Feb at 7.15 am. If you would like to attend you can get the details at the following site; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/site/page.aspx?c=20883

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