09 April 2012

City Strategy Meeting 10th April 2012

There were only three items on this month's Agenda. These are;

  • Provision of Environmental Health Services by the Eastern Health Authority; the benefits of this are some cost savings over time, more consistent provision of services, consolidation of the skills of the Environmental Health Officer and an opportunity to provide shared services. Council already uses the services of the EHA to provide immunization services and supported residential facility licensing. The vaccination programme alone costs council$85,000 per year. Council voted to make further approaches to Mitcham Council regarding the sharing of these services and to report back to Council in June. Members were concerned that the EHA would have 7 member Councils and our share would be set at 23%. ( this would seem to be, on face value, more than our share although we do have more restaurants than most other Councils and the Show grounds would add significantly to inspections and compliance of other establishments that sell food)

  • Unley Libraries Strategic Plan; the new policy was accepted by the Library Strategy Reference Group in March. There are few changes from the policy that went to public consultation. The report recommends that an Advisory Committee is established to oversee this vision. Cr's Hewitson and Hughes will be on the committee until Nov 2014.

  • Ron Young Grant Programme; This has undertaken some small changes to ensure that the grants are given within the intent of the founder of the grant's programme.

The full Agenda can be found at;


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