28 April 2012

When will this end?

Mayor Lachlan Clyne appeared in court again yesterday. It is my understanding that he was to be required to plead guilty or not guilty so that the Magistrate could refer the matter for trial in the District Court or indicate that there was no case to answer and dismiss the case. Yet again lawyers asked for more time to examine the evidence collected by the prosecution (the state) and the matter will be back in court, this time in July. The election that this relates to was held in November 2010, we are now 18 months into this term of office. At this point in time it would seem unlikely to proceed to trial for 2 full years from the date of the alleged offences. This should be unacceptable to all parties; the person whose life has been effected by the alleged actions and the Mayor who will continue to have a cloud over his office until he is acquitted or the case is dropped. If he is found to be guilty at trial and receives a suspended sentevnce of at least 12 months he would  have to resign. Yesterday's story can be found at;

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