01 May 2012

Community of Possibilites

Last night I attended the final briefing session before Council starts consulting with all members of the Community on the development a new Strategic Plan. This time we will be asking all of you what you want for Unley before we write the plan. Too often the plan is written and we are simply asking if you like it or not and allow some tweaking around the edges. This time we want to know where the gaps are in the services we provide and what innovative ideas you have or have seen that would contribute to making Unley a better place to live. We also want to know what services we are providing that you feel are being duplicated by other service providers and which are no longer relevant. The themes that we will ask you to comment on include Emerging, Moving, Living and Greening. You will all get a letter explaining how you can be involved in this process. Council is hoping to get at least 1500 responses from people who live, work in or visit Unley.

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