04 May 2012

Place for More Women on Council

The following article appeared recently in the Eastern Courier. While Goodwood South has the gender balance about right  the Council is not well represented by women.

Place for Mums on Council
STAY-at-home mums should consider standing at the next council elections, Unley Councillor Jennie Boisvert says.

She says the council, with only two women members, is not representative of a crosssection of Unley people.

"I would like to see a council that was a better reflection of its community," Cr Boisvert has told the Eastern Courier Messenger.

"Where are the young women with children?" She made the call as Unley moves to review its ward structure before council elections in 2014.

"I want women in Unley to start thinking about an election that’s two years away," Cr Boisvert said.

"I know a lot of women think they’re too busy, but the reality is you always have the time to fit in the things that are important to you." Women account for 40 per cent and 35 per cent of elected members in Burnside and Mitcham respectively, but make up only 15 per cent in Unley.

"We need to get more women to put their hands up," Cr Boisvert said.

Councils are required to review their ward structures every eight years.

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