13 May 2012

City Strategy Meeting ,May 14th 2012

This month's agenda included
  • E-Waste Review;The staff have further explored options regarding the disposal of e-waste. The cost of providing a regular (bi-monthly disposal)  at either the Depot or the Show Grounds is, in my opinion, prohibitive. The estimated costs are from $100,000 to $150,000 per year. Council has the opportunity to allow e-waste to be disposed of and collected through the general hard waste collection service. Council is also exploring subsidising the use of the exiting e-waste facility in Plympton, and offering a subsidy of up to 100%. This will now add an additional amount of $40,000 to the current costs. A raft of new programmes are likely to become available over the next few months from other funding sources and this amount may not be needed.
  • Unley Concert Band; Council currently has a Memorandum of Understating  with the Unley Concert Band that is expiring. This motion suggests renewal with a continued subsidy of $4,500  with  and increase to $5,000 in subsequent years. This band has gone from strength to strength in recent years and has performed in France in commemorative services. Council increased this amount to $7,000 as it believed that more funding was required than Staff recommended.
  • Funding Allocation for Community Grants;
 Ron Young Programme; This recommends full funding for a variety of programmes offered by the Unley Library and a partial funding for a programme offered by COTA.
 Community, Cultural,Recreational and Environment Grants; Items funded include environmental artwork at Goodwood Primary School, various art projects for the young and old throughout the City. Money for festivals and events will include the Millswood Croquet Club to help celebrate their 90th anniversary.
  • Corporate Services Review; This is a review of about 20 policies that exist, only minor changes have been made.
  • Brownhill Keswick Creek Stormwater Management Plan; Council are being asked to sign off on the majority of works in the Draft Plan.These include committing the Councils to start work on the flood mitigation works, agreeing on the cost apportionment (21% for Unley), presenting a strong and united face when seeking necessary federal government funding and pursuing a no dam option if it is viable. The latter is still very arguable and, although I have read the draft, the extra costs and continued possibility of flooding, in my opinion, do not stack up against building the dam. This was passed with Cr Salaman and me voting against it.

The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP%20Agenda%20May%202012.pdf

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