07 May 2012

Rail upgrades

 Seems the state govt. must have had little idea what the federal government was planning when they installed the Safety Camera at Leader St. According to today's paper the railway will be under grounded at Leader St, the railway lines will be grade separated along Cromer Pde and the Keswick and Bowden Stations will be upgraded. All this to allow for longer freight trains and, possibly, stacked freight trains in the future. Curiously all of these are in the federal seat of Adelaide. If it was my money I'd be building an underpass at Cross Rd where severe congestion already exists and putting the freight trains through Truro. Sadly, if this project comes to pass this will all but eliminate any further discussion about possible diversions. All of this for  $443million dollars, that really makes Council budget pale to insignificance. This will cause major disrution to residents in Millswood and Goodwood who live near the railway line.

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