18 May 2012

Dog Microchipping Day : 26th May (9am to 1pm)

From the Council website for your interest

Dog Microchipping Day - Fullarton Plant & Craft Markets, Saturday 26 May 2012

4-Paws Premium Doggie Snacks, The City of Unley and the Fullarton Markets are offering a day for dog owners to have their dog(s) microchipped, at a reduced rate of $25.
A microchip is a simple way of recording vital information to ensure your dog can be reunited with you if he/she gets lost, injured or stolen.  The microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the dog’s skin. It carries a code unique to the dog owner and dog. This code is placed onto a national computer database and appears on a certificate of identification given to the owner.
Microchipping is the most effective form of permanent identification. Microchipping makes it easy for a loved pet to be reunited with its owner, ensuring a greater probability of finding the owner.
Responsible dog owners also receive a concession rebate (10%) off their next dog registration if their dog is microchipped.
The Microchipping Day is on SATURDAY, 26 MAY 2012 (9am to 1pm) and will be held at the Fullarton Plant & Craft Markets, in the carpark of the Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Road, Fullarton.
To register on-line and pay only $20 per dog, go to: http://www.4pawspremiumdoggiesnacks.com/ or phone Katie on 0412 808 424 or alternatively, just turn up on the day and pay $25 cash (sorry no eftpos available). Dog owners need to live in the Unley Council area and provide identification on the day.  Dog owners who do not live in the Unley Council area will pay $35.
All dogs microchipped on the 26 May 2012 will also receive a discount at 4-Paws Premium Doggie Snack stall and go into the draw to win a doggie hamper on the day, which will be drawn at 12.45pm.
Important Information:
  • All dogs MUST be on a lead
  • All dogs MUST be handled by an adult
  • If you think your dog may show any signs of aggression, please muzzle your dog for everyone’s safety
  • The Vet implanting the microchips will not be in a position to treat or address any other health issues with your dog
  • We reserve the right to refuse to microchip a dog if we hold concerns about the safety of our staff or of the dog itself. In the unlikely event that this occurs, the fee will be refunded in full.

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