09 May 2012

Safety or a Cash Grab?


The link above will take you straight to a further article on the safety camera at Leader St. Nearly 80% of readers think that this is a tax grab only. The comments also make interesting reading. It won't be a cash grab for long if the road and railway lines are separated by an underpass or overpass as described earlier this week. However, if a camera like this has the capacity to save lives it should be supported if it causes no inconvenience to those using the crossing correctly.


  1. rob woodward22 May, 2012 11:08

    Hi Jennie, can you confirm if standard Traffic Lights ie red,amber and green will be installed please?
    If not can you find out how the red light camera will be activated??
    Thank you

  2. It is my understanding that what is there is the way that it is, there will not be traffic lights installed. The state government wants to catch those that try to beat the boom gate or simply ignore it and drive straight through if they don't envisage that the oncoming train is too close. I imagine that it is activated in some way by the boomgate being down. If I'm wrong this will be different next time you check.