01 May 2012

May 2012 Update

  • Trees Ripon Rd; The dead trees have now been removed and should be replaced later in the season.
  • East Ave Pedestrian Refuge; This has been tweaked a little (I don’t know how much) and will appear on the Road Safety Agenda this month.

  • Merlon Ave; The existing street trees should be removed (if not already) soon and will be replanted with the species selected by residents.

  • Byron Rd; After further staff observation line makings will soon be installed to carefully delineate driveways so that it will be more obvious to visitors where they can and can not park. This also should allow safer exit from many of the driveways.
  • Graffiti; A couple of attacks have been reported recently. Please take a photo of the graffiti and note its location. Send this to me and I will forward to the person at Council who is most likely to get this removed quickly.
  • Mills St; The replacement of the angled slow point (east) and the rejigging of the traffic island at the junction with Goodwood Rd should be completed in July.
  • Hoon Driving; There is evidence in some streets that some people are behaving badly, often late at night. This is a police matter and I encourage you to report it every time it happens. The police may be unlikely to come but they do keep the complaints and sometimes this may assist in an arrest at a later date.
  • Greeways Project; Council is likely to be allocated $3 million to develop a bikeway along the train line (Noarlunga) in conjunction with the rail electrification. This is good news for Goodwood South as most of the money will be spent here. This will also give us an opportunity to tidy up and beatify some of the areas that currently seem unloved e.g. the corner of Gordon and Dryden Rd. It should also lead to safer footpaths along Canterbury Tce and the removal of the boardwalk.

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