09 September 2012

City Strategy Meeting 10th September 2012

There has been much discussion recently among Councillors of the benefits of having this meeting and a Full Council meeting or simply two Council meetings each month. It is a legislative requirement to have a City Strategy meeting but not one that involves the entire Council, rather it could be a committee of Council. The difference being that those items that come first to City Strategy may be reserved out for further discussion by a member and decisions made at Council while reversible ( by way of a rescission motion)  are considered final. The type of topic should be more strategic that goes to this committee, however, over time the choice of which meeting Items should go to have been more a matter of expediency than content.

This week's Agenda saw the  following being debated;
Commercial Dog Training in Parks;   The report proposes that an annual fee of $500 be charged for commercial dog training activities. This will give Council the opportunity to register current users and to ensure that the parks managed in an equitable manner. The trainers will need to be qualified, the location suitable for the number of dogs and the activity must not clash with other park use. PASSED
Unley Oval Masterplan;    This Masterplan was agreed to by Council in July. The way forward is to engage a consultant with a brief that outlines the expectations that the users of that facility have already discussed during the Community Asset  Review. The plan will need to consider an environment that will be flexible in it's use for now and the future, safe, innovative, practice water sensitive design and have minimised maintenance costs when coming up with a clear vision for the place This will enable a qualified and experienced consultant to be selected to undertake the work. PASSED
Strategic Urban Design and Planning Policy Programme- Quarterly Update; Some issues have been raised by the state government about DPA3A ( Greenhill Rd and Unley Rd), these include limits to public notification, increases in floor area, flexibility in building height and a 45degree interface along Unley Rd (rather that 35 degree). Most of these will be hard fought by residents in those precincts.
The draft Community Plan is now in Councillor's hands and will be ready for consultation after being endorsed by Council.
The Heritage DPA should be ready for consultation soon. This one from my point of view has taken 6 years now, the previous CEO promised me after delay after delay that it would be on the Minister's desk before the 2010 election and it was, now two years later it is still there, no doubt a little dusty. The government seems to set unrealistic deadlines for others and then fails to meet the information that they are provided with the respect and expediency it deserves.

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