02 September 2012

September Update 2012

The following points should be of interest;
  • Frederick St; Children Crossing signs are soon to be erected near the Scouts and Guides building to remind traffic to slow down.
  • Princess Margaret Playground; Council are currently consulting about suggestions for minor upgrading including some equipment and additional shelter. Closes Sept 15th.  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZBDLM72
  • 50kph changes on Goodwood Rd have been welcomed by businesses and residents.
  • Streets for People compendium has now been released by the government. This makes interesting reading and may allow you to think for a minute where suitable streets might be for a trial. http://www.health.sa.gov.au/pehs/branches/health-promotion/21%20Watts-PHCS-HPB-20111212.pdf 
  • Clarence Park Community Centre AGM is12:30pm on Sept 25th.
  • Grade Separation consultation closes 5th September. Please read and have your say at www.dac.sa.gov.au  . Interestingly public meetings may be held after this date.
  • 669 South Rd; What should Council do regarding the annexing of Council car parks to access the rear of the property? Alternatives include removing the dividing fence, refusing consent and fixing the fence or charging for the loss of car parks at an agreed sum (suggested $15,000 per car park).
  • Dunrobin St trees; The arborist report is complete  and Council is still negotiating a way forward .
  • Fairfax Ave will soon have it's footpaths paved.
  • Residents have  called for an audit of some of the street trees in Millswood Cresent.
  • Goodwood Oval  Advisory Group meeting will be held on Wed 5th Sept in the Tennis Clubrooms.The Agenda is at http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/GOAG%20Agenda%205%20September%202012.pdf
  • The report from the consultant regarding the Representation Review will be discussed at a workshop this week. It will then be debated at Council before again going back to the people to have their say. The report recommends some changes to the existing boundaries as well as some more radical changes. However, it is deficient in that it fails to discuss the loss of Supplementary voters due to legislative change and how to get these entitled voters back onto the roll. It also fails to address ways that might ensure better equality in representation by gender, age or cultural diversity.
  • While some things seem to take forever to get done others happen quickly. After my letter boxing a couple of week ends ago I sent an email to staff letting them know the things I had noted. The rubbish was gone in 24 hours, the sewer inspection point that had been paved over was repaired and graffiti removed in 2 days, the broken street light fixed by ETSA in 3 days and the weeding and tidying up are in process ( Gray St).

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