14 September 2012

Goodwood Junction update 14th September

Last nigh Don and I met with John Devine, the General Manager for infrastructure, to get a briefing as to where DPTI and Council are at with this project. The final date for Council's submission to the DAC has been pushed out to Wednesday 19th September. So while it is too late to write your own submission it is not too late to let me know how this will effect you and how making it different in some way will ease those concerns.
We still do not have a date for a meeting with residents but this may take the form of residents being invited to listen and participate in a Council briefing or a meeting specifically organised by DPTI. My suggested location is Clarence Park Community Centre and suggested date was the earliest possible date in October.
DPTI are now actively trying to find a solution that will not derail the No Dam option for storm water management in Brownhill Creek. This means they need to find a way to allow 38 cubic metres  of water per sec to pass in at least one point under the train line. The solution we saw may take the current water from the creek into a culvert that would now run north along the railway line. This would need the acquisition of at least one more property and an easement over the other properties. The water from the Arundel Ave culvert could then run along the length of Arundel Ave and into the original creek bed. This all sounds pretty tricky but looks better in a diagram. DPTI would still have to allow for a smaller culvert at the western end of Arundel Ave and at the eastern end of Fairfax Ave. However, while the first of these must be completed before the cutting is made for the train the latter could be 10 years away. The problem then exists as to what happens to all this water when it gets to Forrestville Reserve. Under the current SMA proposal this eventually finds it's way into a new culvert in Wilberforce Walk. Unfortunately, there is a gap between these spots of maybe 200m. If the engineers don't get this right the cutting for the train will be a swimming pool and the swimming pool a swamp.
The tenders to undertake this project have been received and only one of then requires the use of Millswood Park as a depot, if DPTI select this tender then there will be no changes to Millswood Park. In any case staff has determined that the tender would need to be approved by Council and we would have a right to refuse. What I'm hearing from people is that if safe access across the train line at that point can not be achieved then the application should be refused.

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