07 September 2012

Grade Separation; Submissions closed

Thank you for copying me in on many of the submissions that you have made to DAC regarding this project. So far I have read excellent concerns regarding;
  • The location and size of culverts and suggesting the culverts stay to the east of the railway and only cross under it once near the tram overpass. While the culverts would be larger the extra length and disruption to Millswood residents would be minimised, reducing additional costs to the Stormwater Management Authority. This would also give greater flood protection as soon as completed in 12 months and not in 5-10 years.
  • Ensuring noise emissions are less than residents now have
  • Ensuring the protection of as many trees as possible
  • Ensuring access over the railway lines is protected during construction and safe to use after the lines are reopened and discussion if they should be at grade or elevated.(Fairfax and Arundel)
  • Re landscaping with mature trees
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to residents during construction from noise, dust, hours of operation and removal of spoil (via the rail corridor and not residential streets)
  • Diversion of traffic when Victoria St is closed.
  • Safe bikepaths under or over he rail line especially at Goodwood Station
  • Ensure no workers cars are parked in any residential streets (should provide sufficient on site parking at work depots)
  • Ensuring the Greenways project is completed at the same time
  • Risk audit is undertaken regarding safety and graffiti protection.

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