11 September 2012

Millswood Park

This small pocket of land, as most of you would be aware, has been earmarked by DPTI as a depot site during the rail works. Council have included the many comments received by Don and myself into their submission.While I detailed the concerns for the entire project in an earlier blog this more recent notification was not included.
It must be understood that this project is a federal government initiative that is being delivered by the state government. Unley Council has been consulted but that is it's only role.
If the terms of use can be agreed by Council then then a rental price will be paid and the land rehabilitated after the lease expires which at this time is anticipated to be October 2013. So far this is what you have told us;
You would prefer they chose another site but if there is no alternative then;
  • A lease or Memorandum of Understanding should be agreed between DPTI and UCC
  • The access across the train line must be kept safe and usable through out the project.
  • Safety must be assured for pedestrians , including children, that use the lane adjacent to the site.
  • DPTI should consult with residents, as they say they have, before we move any further (that is door knock at a time when you would expect people to be home (4.40 to 8) all houses bounded by Goodwood Rd, Cranbrook Ave, Millswood Cres and Mills St)
  • Clarity about the rent to be paid and who will be responsible for rehabilitation of the site,eg. guaranteed reinstatement.
  • Use of the rail corridor for soil removal where ever possible.
  • Operating hours restricted to Mon-Fri.
  • Retention of as much vegetation as possible on the site.
  • No car parking in the streets for workers at the site.
  • Dust minimisation
Thanks for the many phonecalls and emails, they keep me informed and let me know what you are thinking.

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