31 March 2015

Cremorne Plaza: residents unhappy

This matter seems to be the talk on everyone's lips and the media are loving it. But a few things need to be remembered. If you are angry you need to be angry at the current labour government.
  • They forced Council to consider high rise on the mainstreets (Unley Rd and Greenhill Rd, soon to be followed by Fullarton Rd). 
  • Council accepted this or every block could have seen 2 for 1 development, including demolition of all buildings heritage or not.
  • They agreed to 5 storeys as a maximum on Unley Rd
  • They then removed all development power from Council for buildings over $3 mill.
  • They appointed the Development Assessment Commission and it is this group that approved a seven storey building.
Thankfully, for Black Forest highrise is now off the agenda except  on South Rd.

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