01 March 2015

Hard Waste

It is disappointing to still see dumped household good in the streets of Unley. Each household is allowed to book one pick up each year. You book a time with the Council, they send you a green sticker and the day before it is due to be picked up you neatly stack your unwanted goods on the footpath in front of your house. Pretty easy really!
It seems that there is still a commonly held belief that what someone thinks of as rubbish will be a treasure to someone else. This might include you old sofa that is still serviceable but not the wardrobe that has fallen to bits or other unidentifiable junk. While technically it is stealing to take the stuff other people have put out it seems to be generally accepted that it is OK. So that old sofa goes into the booked hard waste collection and if someone wants it they take it. It doesn't go out on the footpath unless a waste collection has been booked. Council is pretty vigilant about illegally dumped rubbish and it certainly appears less frequently. If you put stuff out on the footpath the you run the risk of a heavy fine. If you want the details of the Hard Waste service click here.

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