04 March 2015

Garage Sale Trail feedback from 2014

Unley was one of the 130 councils nationally that represented over 50% of the Australian population and made Garage Sale Trail available to their communities.
 Garage Sale Trail is a council-driven day of garage sales that happens nationally. It’s about promoting reuse, and enabling local solutions to waste reduction, community building and delivering waste education in a fun and engaging way.

 In South Australia it was the first time that the program was made available to councils in earnest and the first time that councils, together with Zero Waste, partnered with their communities to make Garage Sale Trail happen.
The number of registered events (Garage Sales) was over 400, involving an estimated 30,000 – 45,000 people and creating over 20,000 new community connections. Almost 160,000 items were reused or listed for sale and sellers made on average a whopping $300 per Garage Sale held. 
Not bad for a morning’s work reducing waste and meeting the community!




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