22 March 2015

Full Council meeting:March 23rd 2015

The Agenda this month contains the following items of interest:

  • Future of Reference Groups: The recommendation is to abolish  these groups. It may be that they have served there purpose and are no longer required. However, I have only ever belonged to one that was functional and valuable to the Community, this one being the Goodwood Oval Reference Group. The commitment from current members should see this one continue with the goodwill of the clubs and the community- any recommendations for change to Council will still need to come from the elected members on the group. PASED wit some amendment.
  • LGA Board membership:I have sat down with Lachlan and we have agreed on a list to nominate, Hopefully, our fellow councillors will be happy with our recommendation PASSED
  • Establishment of the CEO performance Review Panel: This may be expanded to have 5 members instead of the current 3. This should allow for more debate and better outcomes. PASED with Cr Koumi, Hughes, Boisvert and 
  • Outdoor Dining Options for cr Maud St and Unley Rd: Many of you will be aware that the cafe at this corner, A Mother's Milk, was recently hit by a vehicle causing damage to the building and that the accident could have been much worse if the cafe was open and patrons sitting outside. Council have now had to review the outdoor dining policy in the light of safety for customers. There are several options suggested with Council needing to select one of them. The cafe will have to bear the full cost of the bump out and protective bollards. PASSED with a lot of debate about the potential designs and who should carry the cost: the least expensive option would be $75,000. If Council were to subsidise this the precedent would be set for other cafes in similar positions to expect the same. The cost would be in the millions in no time!!
  •  Library Service Review: This makes several recommendations that may not be palatable to the Community. This include a closure of the Fullarton Park library service in its current form, the amalgamation of the Toy Libraries  leading to only one service point for all library activities. The latter will only occur after further investigation and hopefully, community input. It also suggests the building of a new purpose built library. Seems we learn little from recent and ongoing state government bungles.
  • Centennial Park: Quarterly Report: financially this authority is travelling well and has managed to increase its share of the market
  • Application of Differential Rates: Cr Schnell has asked that some of the anomalies that occur in the Differential rate are investigated and reviewed by the appropriate committees
  • Appointment of Panel Members to Section 41 Committees: CONFIDENTIAL until all applicants have been informed of the outcomes.

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