13 May 2015

Full Council Meeting: May 11th 2015

This month saw an extraordinary meeting of Council to ensure good debate and so that the next meeting later in the month was not too long. The items on the Agenda included:
  • A Mothers Milk Outdoor Dining: while the report suggested that the Cafe bear the full cost of the kerb extension and bollards (required due to safety concerns). After much debate Council decided to pay for the kerb extension and for the cafe to pay for the bollards. This seemed a sensible solution  and, hopefully, one followed through in King William Road when the current temporary parklets are replaced. PASSED
  • Pay for Use Parking Trial: this has been contentious since it was first suggested. However, it does have the potential to reduce commuter traffic and to raise revenue for the City. PASSED
  • Street Cleansing Review: This was a new service standard that reduces the frequency of cleaning in some streets and increases it in others. There will still be an as needs response and extra services in those areas with heavy leaf fall when required. PASSED
  • Quarterly Corporate Review

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