26 May 2015

Full Council Meeting: May 25th 2015

Deputations regarding Pay for use Parking Trial and the Goodwood Library. This topic is also in petitions as  a local resident and avid library user, Mary, has collected hundreds of signatures on a petition calling for no changes to made to the library. On the Agenda are the following;

  • Animal Management Plan 2012-2015 Year 3 Annual Report; This report is pleasing as almost all of what was set out to be done has been completed. The extra focus on education and promotion has had a positive impact on responsible pet ownership PASSED
  • Kaurna Acknowledgement; Since 2010 Unley has not acknowledged the  Kaurna people in the the acknowledgement at the beginning of meetings but have  a more general term, Aboriginal. This was, in part, due to Ramindjeri land claims being  lodged at that time. In last September that claim has been rejected by the Federal Court. It is now time to reinstate the Kaurna acknowledgement at all Council meetings. For the record I voted against both motions that came to Council in 2010 and have been embarrassed by the current acknowledgement on may occasions. PASSED
  • Third Quarter Budget Review;PASSED
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority-Draft Operating Budget 2015-16:PASSED
  • Inner and Middle Metropolitan Corridor Infill-Minister DPA: This has resulted from the Ministerial DPA announced several weeks ago. Council have decided to ask the government to except Goodwood Central and  King William Rd (south of Authur St) from the DPA.PASSED
  • CEO Employment Contract: CONFIDENTIAL

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