13 May 2015

Time to have your say

Council is currently consulting on a number of issues. Now is the time to have your say.
  •  Draft Living Active Sport and Recreation Plan 2015-2020 and Policy
The City of Unley has developed a draft ‘Living Active’ Sport and Recreation Plan 2015-2020 to provide a direction to provide, promote, advocate for and facilitate sport and recreation opportunities to build the capacity of the community to lead a physically active lifestyle. (read more)
  •  Code of Practice for Access to Council Meetings and Documents within 12 months of the last council election. 
The purpose of the code is to set out the Council’s principles and practices which support open, transparent and informed decision making by the Council and community access to its meetings and documents.(read more) (External link) is to let you know about:
  • The services provided by the City of Unley
  • Proposed new initiatives and projects, and

  • Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project
Members of the public are invited to learn more about and comment on proposed flood mitigation measures for upper Brown Hill Creek during a community consultation process from Wednesday 13 May to Tuesday 23 June, 2015.(read more)

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