12 September 2015

Brown Hill Creek: it just gets more difficult

After more meetings than I've had had time for hot dinners this week it seems Unley Councillors seem to be no closer to making a decision next Monday night. While it is now clear that some will now move and  vote for Option D I would have difficulty in saying how many.
Why the change?

  • Some additional information has been provided to councillors
  • there has been a lot of lobbying from both sides
  • there is now pressure (if you want to know what this means you will need to call me) from the state government to push us toward Option D 
The latter beggars the question as to why they asked anybodies opinion in the first place? Why did we bother to consult? Why have we wasted all this time and lead people to believe that they had a choice? I wasn't silent on the matter.


  1. I am pleased to hear that council is working overtime on this issue.
    But you and the other councillors do get paid for all the hard work.
    Don't you?
    You are just doing what we elected you to do.

  2. Actually we get paid about $16,000 per year. If I calculate the hours spent at 20 each week that comes down to $15/hour before tax. Most unskilled workers get more than this. And yes, we are doing what we were elected to do and we do it because we think we can make a difference.

  3. I am always impressed by the amount of effort you put into Counil Jennie.
    $15 per hour is just not enough.

  4. Does a typical councillor put in 20 hours each week?
    That's a huge effort.

  5. I really can only speak for myself and I would often have to devote this much time