05 September 2015

Dog track closed

I believe the so called 'dog track' that connects Millswood Cres and Arundel Ave to Millswood Station is to be closed. After repeated attempts to get the track upgraded to a level that could be described as safe ARTC have taken the easy option. They've done this without asking you what you want and really not caring if you don't like their decision. I'm happy to receive your complaints or you can direct them straight to ARTC. I think this is an appalling decision and will lead to unsafe behavior (people walking along the track without even the semblance of a fence) that may well not end well.


  1. Please, you must stop this closure.
    As a councillor you have some clout.

  2. One would hope so. It's about responsibility and cost shifting. It doesn't belong to Council s all Council can do is complain. So who does it belong to? If the freight train runs closest it belongs to ARTC, if the state trains run closest it belongs to the state government. I think the decision is appalling but have little power to change it. However, a petition or a series of calls to ARTC may have more effect.