09 March 2017

Community Consultation Victoria St.

Residents, some 800 of them will soon be asked to respond to an on-line survey regarding the narrowing of the Victoria St/ Goodwood Rd Intersection. The work on the norther side has been completed. However, following extreme concern for residents, including a petition to Council, the works on the northern side have been put on hold.
Please take the time to respond to the survey when you get a chance. Hopefully  Council will make a decision in favour of the majority view.


  1. Hi Jennie, I can't help but feel the survey is designed to promote and achieve what the council wants to do anyway. Unley council still doesn't seem to understand how to do a proper consultation.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Not sure if we ever get the area to be surveyed correct or even understand the impacts of consulting the people that we do. Generally, what the majority wants should win? In recent votes:
    Dogs in Page Park( extra time ) 277 for: 3 against. Council supported the 3.
    Rugby/Poter St bikeway (change in right of way) 24 against: 13 for. Council supported the 13! Makes no sense to me even asking if we don't listen to what people say.