09 March 2017

Plans for Unley Oval's $4.6 million redevelopment

"STURT Football Club will lodge plans for Unley Oval's $4.6 million redevelopment as soon as next month - stepping up efforts to deliver the longawaited revamp."Eastern Courier this week. While I welcome Sturts's initiative and fully support this in driving a Development Application, I am still very much concerned at the amount of their own money that they are prepared to commit to the project. According to their letter to UCC published in the Feb Council agenda it was as little at $500,000 which is about 10% of what will be needed!


  1. Hopefully businesses in the area will see that Sturt needs to stay there and the businesses may help with this venture, collectively.

  2. This would be agreat outcome. Unley City Council could sell Jack's Bar and put in the entire proceeds. Sturt will no longer require it after redeveveopment and Council gets a very low return on the property.