12 March 2017

Goodwood Rd Update

The construction by  Outside Ideas is putting out a good pace. Hope you like the result that’s been achieved so far!
Works will stop short of the GW Institute on the western side as they currently host Fringe shows.
Unley Council has also requested to not undertake further works in Victoria St while consultation
will be held regarding the proposed widening of the footpath in Victoria St. Council have installed a mock-up of the proposed built-out at the intersection to enable traffic monitoring in Victoria St. Council will consider a report in April and they will finish works in this area late June/July when the eastern side has been completed.
Outside Ideas will commence works on the eastern side at the tram coming Tuesday after the
long weekend. Works will move south and also include installation of stormwater systems in side
streets. To accelerate works we might need to close a couple of side streets at a time to enable
separate work crews undertake works.
The new planter boxes are taking shape and Groundplay will install them along the western side by the end of March.

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