26 March 2017

Council Meeting:27th March 2017

Once again this month's agenda is full of interesting items and their should be some good debate. There are deputations that have been recived to support the arguments either four or agaist  at least 4 items. These incluse Motions on Notice:

  •  Land Swap at 42 Ferguson Ave: Seems like a sensible solution to give the landholder a piece of land that they can builsd on and a more useable open space for residents.
  • Traffic management in Mills St; following a depuation last moth I have put a Motion on Notice to reflect the solution desired by residents. This is tough in that Mills St is clearly used as a thouroughfair for non-council generated traffic (others call them rat runnners) and yet the diverted traffic must go somewhere. It is always Councils wish that the traffic stays on the main arterial roads. The staff have been asked to further investigate issues that may arise from the proposed right hand turn bans before proceeding to implement.
  • Cr Salaman and I worked on addressing concerns for the proposed changes at the intersection of Porter and Young St. He has proposed a motion that calls for a complete safety audit.
  • The final debate on the Development Plan changes for Unley Central. The blog before this one demonstrates what the committee thought was desirable. With at least a dozen deputations, both in support and against, this will add over 2 hours to the meeting length. I am already quite clear in my mind as to what residents want, we will need to weigh up if what they want is in the best interests of the City or not
Other items include:   
  • 270 rights of review. An interesting topic if you like this sort of thing.
  •  Footpath Level of Service Review. The question is what service do our residents want and what will a higher level cost?
  • Buying Local: Will you be more likely to buy local if there is a campaign?
  • Sunday closures on King Willian Rd: A great idea if the traders want it. Certainly needs a lot more people visiting and shopping.
  • Promoting Greater Awareness of Council Services: Inspired by a LGA review to get people interested in Local Government. It also involves rate capping and campaigning to get all political parties to  abandon any ideas that it may be of benefit to anybody. That is other than a few poorly informed would be politicians that may think it will make them more electable!
There is some interesting correspondence for John Rau. This may speak well for the rezoning of Black Forest that will be back on the agenda again soon. 
It identifies particular sites worth having a look (not in Black Forest)  to achieve the multi storey development he wants to see.

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