08 January 2019

Bring your own bottle

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Attached to my most recent water bill this week was a nice message encouraging the use of SA Water over bottled water. This follows from a recent article I read about the rise in tooth decay in young children for not being given tap water to drink, (fluoridated).
So what's so good about tap water?

  • Boosts immunity
  • Healthier
  • Less than 40% of water bottles are recycled
  • Costs less (1 cent per litre)
  • Safe, clean and reliable
  • Bottling water creates 60,00 tons of greenhouse gases
My personal gripe is that it is almost as expensive as Coke and yet costs almost nothing to produce. However,  there are times when buying a bottle of drink is the only option available and that it should always be the cheapest option in the fridge.  This would be an easy thing to change if we wanted it to.

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