28 January 2019

Dogs and balls

Image result for page park clarence parkOne of the hardest things we have to manage as Councillors is the relationship that we encourage between the users of the same facility. Sometimes,  this is comparatively easy as the area being used or hired is easily defined eg a room at Clarence Park Community Centre . At other times it becomes very difficult. You may remember that lack of consensus between the Millswood Bowls and Millswood Croquet, where Council wished to provide joint club room facilities, was unsuccessful. Goodwood Oval seems to have a good consensus between the football, cricket, hockey, play and barbecue  areas and the dog walkers. This has been enhanced by the Goodwood Oval Reference Group and the way that they have encouraged communication between the users and the residents.
More recently Page Park has experienced disharmony between the tennis players, the dog walkers, the uses of the fitness equipment and hirers of the facility. Don and I met with some people on Saturday and will work with staff  to try to mange a way forward where all users can feel safe, exercise with enjoyment and enjoy the beauty of the park.

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