19 January 2019

GlobeLink: where are they up to?

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I had a good conversation yesterday with Nicole Flint, Member for Boothby which now encompasses nearly all of the Clarence Park Ward.
 GlobeLink is the project to divert  freight trains and large vehicles from travelling from Murray Bridge into the city to take a detour near Monarto. This would take all heavy vehicles off Portrush Rd and /or Cross Rd and all freight trains movements out of Unley
The current state Liberal government has commissioned a $20 million study into the benefits of doing this looking  at a range of factors that the previous 2010 study failed to cover. Many of these are environmental and health benefits as well as an economic benefit. Once this study is completed Federal funds may be available to complete the project. Nicole intends to hold some public forums locally to better inform residents early this year.

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