23 April 2019

A better Boothby

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This evening might be worth your time, especially if you are undecided in how you might vote. It will be all the better if all candidates attend.

A meet the Candidates evening for the electorate of Boothby. 
- Monday 29 April, 2019 - Blackwood Community Centre, 4 Young Street Blackwood.
- Wednesday 1 May, 2019 - Cumberland Park Community Centre, 388 Goodwood Road, Cumberland Park. 

Both events will commence at 7pm and run to 8.30pm followed by tea/coffee. 

The forums will be professionally moderated by Dr Benito Cao, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Adelaide. all candidates for Boothby have been invited to take part in these forums. Participating candidates will be given the opportunity to make a statement and respond to questions from the audience.  

This is a great opportunity to hear from and engage with our Federal candidates. More information is available in the events section of: https://www.facebook.com/abetterboothby/

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