11 April 2019

Fish Tank winners

On Thursday 4th April 2019, the Fish Tank Pitch Night was held in the Unley Town Hall. Thank you to those who were able to attend.

Fish Tank 2019 was an exciting program designed to engage, support, celebrate and invest in the young people of Unley. One of the key objectives of the City of Unley’s Living Young Action Plan 2018 – 2021 is to ‘Engage and Enhance Leadership in young people’. This is facilitated by enabling the development of business and entrepreneurship capacity in young people as well as providing linkages between young people and local business networks

Please join me in congratulating our winners;

12 – 17 year category

1st prize
Pitch title: Offolio Zon
Aria Bradley, Lucy Seppelt, Parnia Hatami & Adem Yelegin
A phone case for iPhones that has inbuilt solar panels. A charger in the case that connects to the phone and charges it. An app which allows you to control when you would like to use the stored power. A convenient way of using renewable energy.

2nd prize
Pitch title: Living on the Edge
Anannya Kapoor & Elise Westrich
Blank walls in Unley will be filled with murals of sorts, however, they will be made of air purifying plants. The murals will consist of plant pots which add up to be a colourful design on the wall. Plants such as areca palms which have high air purifying qualities will help cleanse the air and make Unley brighter.

18 – 25 year category

1st prize
Pitch title: Local Threads
James Adcock & Kenji Ireland
Local Threads is an online website dedicated to giving small Australian clothing brands a platform to sell their unseen fashion.

2nd prize
Pitch title: Lycan Soap
Charlie Stone
Hand-made medicinal soap and shampoo bars for both people and animals. Concept involves maintaining a low eco-impact and providing products that feel good and are good for you and your pets. Key selling factors associated with the soaps are their versatility; they’re great for skin and hair, with medicinal benefits including assisting people who suffer chemical sensitivity from many mainstream soaps.

We were delighted to have so many enthusiastic and supportive sponsors on board this year - a huge thank you to Business SA, Rotary Club of Unley and The Gift Specialist on Unley Road.

Please click here - https://youtu.be/H8V7_Th0gpA to view the promotional video,.

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