28 April 2019

Full Council meeting April 29th 2019

Image result for 150 yearsYou may find the following items of interest;

  • Children's Crossings at Parkside PS: Following the Fund My Neighbourhood Program residents at Parkside received funding to make the area around the school safer. After public consultation  three solutions will be implemented. At least one resident wishes to give a deputation. 
  • Draft Annual Business Plan 2019-20: This proposes an increase in rates of 2.1% with a further .5% provided by growth (new developments and extensions). The projects includes new Operating Projects of $1 million, New Capital  of $17.191 million and Capital Replacement of $4.161 million. The majority of this money is going toward the replacement and redevelopment  of King William Rd. Other projects include money to complete the Goodwood Oval Grandstand, money to further upgrade Unley Oval facilities and improvements projects in Brown Hill Creek.
  • Volunteer Management Policy: Unley has 267 active volunteers who contribute nearly $million dollars worth of hours each year that assist in the running of Council programmes. This updates the Management Policy for these individuals
  • Reduction of the Use of Plastic Bottles Dispensed at Council Venues: In reality Council uses little bottled water and is making some effort to reduce the use further where possible.
  • Council Assessment Panel-Appointment of a Deputy Member: The CAP has 5 members, 4 of whom are Independent and one who is a Councillor. While the councillor has a deputy (Cr Wright) the Independent members do not. This has meant that from time to time there have been as few a 3 people making a decision that is binding.  A deputy will be able to replace any of the 4 independents for all or part of a meeting.
  • City of Unley Sesquicentennial Celebration: Unley is 150 years old in 2021. This motion asks for a working party to be formed to work on what celebrations would be welcomed by our residents
  • King William Rd Redevelopment (CONFIDENTIAL)

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