21 April 2019

Stories from this week's paper

Image result for Clearway signs Unley

The state government intends to extend the clearway times for Goodwood, Unley and South Rd. They will will  be clearways until 10 am and after 3 pm . This will further damage the fragile retail environments on these streets.

Amalgamations are in the news again with the more calls this week to reduce the number of councils. So called savings seem small and probably not achievable.

Over development has risen as a topic in Campbelltown as that city is carved up following rezoning from the former state government. A recent visit to Prospect shows considerable changes to the streetscape from townhouse and apartment development. Unley continues to get increasing pressure from developers to do the same. The recent approval by the SCAP for the Kaufland development  will see the demolition of the existing buildings shortly.

Fixing eyesores, the storey on this was not from Unley but my recent letterboxing (April Newsletter) tells me that even Clarence Park has a few of its own. I'll take some photos later and add them to a new blog with a separate story.


  1. Cnr Hartland Ave/Forest Ave, Black Forest is a good example of a lovely old bungalow and trees replaced with 3 ugly residences and no trees. Sad. Sometimes the new development is the eyesore...

  2. This is one of the worst in the area. They are out of scale and context for the area.