12 November 2011

Ageing and Disability Advisory Committee

This committee met last week and discussed the following items that may be of interest.
The Access for All Plan is now waiting to be signed off by the Human Rights Commission

The Regional Alliance of Eastern Councils has been developing a strategy to cope with the predicted pressures that will come from an ageing community. Some of the identified strategies include

  • increasing education of clients about services offered

  • enabling the learning of new skills and knowledge

  • ensuring opportunities exist for safe physical activity

  • the service fee structure will need to reflect need

  • the need for a home support service that will do heavy cleaning (gutters,etc)and gardening

  • setting acceptable standards of service delivery

Scooter Mobility Project -the pilot programme will fit GPS systems to particular vehicles and their users (you must be over 65) to identify hazards on the existing footpath network so that preferred routes can be identified and their use encouraged. There are currently no controls around the sale of these vehicles or training in their use once purchased. this also needs to be addressed.

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