05 November 2011

Fairfax Ave and Graham Ave Street meeting 5th November

I went to a great meeting this morning at Goodwood Oval where 20+ people talked to Don and I(as well as Charles Mountain from staff). This meeting was convened as a few people living in the area had suggested that a meeting of interested residents would flesh out some of the issues that have been annoying people. In the end we had a list of about 20 different things, most of which will be cheap and easy to implement, others will need to be budgeted for.

Some of the issues were; (this list is just an example)

  • When will the playground fence be installed? This has been budgeted for and should be soon.

  • Can the new lines indicating the distance cars can park from driveways be pulled back a metre to allow easier and safer access to properties?

  • Should parking be limited to one side of Fairfax Ave? The resounding response from people present was a no. There was some discussion about the parks nearest the playground.

  • Can the street trees be replaced in Graham Ave? Some are pretty tatty, one butchered by ETSA, many failing to thrive and others causing damage to infrastructure. The Council arborist will give us some guidance as to a way forward.

  • What about the drainage issues?

  • Can there be some tidy up of Argyle Ave footpaths?

All participants will be sent an update of the issues identified and possible solutions. If you feel there are issues that you would like me to know about then please send me an email, if you think a street meeting would be useful then one can be convened in your street.

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