08 November 2011

Dog Exercise: Unley Life

A recent reminder published by the Council is in reponse to resident's complaints about the use of these areas. A reminder that the areas are to be enjoyed by all.

Goodwood Oval and The Orphanage

Residents are reminded that the City of Unley has limited open space for it's community. Therefore, in order to allow all users access certain restrictions apply to where you can exercise your dog. There are various sections for dog exercise at Goodwood Oval and The Orphanage. Please check the signage indicating dog on-leash and dog off-leash areas.

Dogs may be exercised under 'effective control'. Effective control means

  • a dog is restrained by a strong lead less than 2metres in length

  • the dog responds to a command, is in close proximity to the person and the person is able to see the dog at all times

EXCEPT where organised sporting activity or organised events are being conducted.

Dogs are prohibited

  • within any enclosed area where there is children's play equipment

  • within 3 metres of children's play equipment if it is not enclosed

  • in areas listed on signposts that prohibit dogs.

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