19 November 2011

Stormwater Management Plan

The the plans that were commissioned by Mitcham Council were available this week. While I am yet to attend a briefing by staff I did attend on open day at Unley Council on Thursday. The report indicates that it is possible to reduce the risk of flooding during a 1:100 year event and to not build the dam as proposed. However, this would require extensive infrastructure to be built in Unley-culverts and drains. The total cost of works would exceed $50 million in Unley alone, we would still only have to pay our agreed share of $14 million for the entire project. The people who will get the culverts are yet to be consulted and I would expect there to be considerable concern from residents. Unley is in the process of preparing it's submission to the draft plans. I will need a lot more information on this one before decisions are made.

The full report can be read at;

A recent Easter Coutier artcle can be found at ;

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