20 November 2011

Kelvin Avenue Update

The consultation for the most recent version of the pocket park closed on Friday. Everybody who was in the (much broader) catchment area has now had an opportunity to reply and to inform Council on a way forward. The revised plan, as most of you would be aware, will allow two way vehicular access through the street as well as a path for pedestrians and bicycles. Don and I spent a pleasant few hours talking to people in Francis St and Frederick St to encourage people to return their form and to give as much information as possible as to why or why not they agreed or disagreed with the plan. Many of you loved the idea and many do not. At this point in time I am unaware of the final statistics. I will get to view all of these before the matter is debated in Council. The staff will now use this information to collate the results and to use the valuable information to write a report and to address any concerns.

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