10 December 2011

Noisy Minor Birds; Are they an issue?

I remember during the election campaign now over a year ago a concern from a resident about the effects that these birds were having on the diversity of bird species in the Goodwood Oval area. At the time I was told by staff that there was little that could be done about this issue. It's interesting to note that this issue is now in a more public arena. A recent article in The Advertiser debates the issue and suggests that one of the ways to encourage preferred species is to plant thick, spiky shrubs that the little birds can hide in and that the noisy minor don't particularly like.


  1. About the Minor birds, I have them in my place, lording it over all from top of a New Zealand Xmas tree. I also have some scrubby, overgrown areas where blackbirds continue to survive. Where have all the Willy wagtails gone? They were very common in Millswood years ago.

  2. I believe that the willy wagtails were eaten by the minor birds.