10 February 2012

City Strategy and Policy Committee 13th Feb 2012

Council decided to change the nights for this meeting and the Development Assessment Panel. So City Strategy is now the 2nd Monday and DAP the 3rd Monday. I did not support this proposal but nevertheless this is now the way it is for 2012.
On this month's Agenda were;

  • Development Plan Amendments Public Consultation; Council must decide if they wish to consult to the minimum standard, to a tailored standard or a comprehensive standard when the Minister signs of on the DPAs currently on his desk. That is the Heritage DPA, DPA2 and DPA3. He is likely to sign off on each between March and June. Following this Council must immediately consult with the community and inform individual residents who are directly affected (heritage listed). Consultation is followed by an opportunity for individuals to put a representation to Council. Council decided to consult to a tailored standard. Don and I were pretty disappointed with this as DPA2 changes much of the zoning in Black Forest. We'll drop some information in letter boxes when the consultation starts.

  • Naming of the McLeay Park Playground; Council to considered naming the playground in this park after a long serving Councillor. I have concerns about naming playgrounds within a park separately from that of the park. I feel it will set a precedent that may add to confusion. However, the playground will be known as the Robert Birnie Playground.

  • Laneway Housing Investigation; Staff responded to a request to investigate this type of housing in Unley. As Goodwood South has only 2 suitable lanes I doubt this will be an issue locally. However, it is a complex issue and the report explored an interesting way to create more building sites and allowing the retention of heritage buildings. Staff will further develop this concept after the above DPA schedule is completed.

The full agenda can be read at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP%20Agenda%20February%202012.pdf

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