18 February 2012

Newsletter Now Distributed: Feb 2012

Don and I have now completed the drop of the February newsletter. Unfortunately we checked all the spelling errors, etc and missed that we hadn't changed the date. Given that, we have only had 2 complaints and they were more informative than not. Either most people who took the time to read it didn't notice either or put it in the bin so quickly they didn't take the time to read it. The newsletter that we try to put out every 3-4 months is really the only way that we have of letting residents know what is going on in the ward. Those of you who read the is blog will already have the information. Feedback is important as are your ideas about what is working and what is not. In the last week alone I've been able to get a tree trimmed in Forest Ave, have got the answer from a resident about waiting times for hard waste collection (6-8 weeks), found out when a footpath is due for paving, had a street tree replaced, had graffiti removed in East Avenue, read submissions about the proposed East Ave pedestrian refuge in east Ave and organised to meet at Sasmee Park to talk with management about future plans.

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