08 February 2012

Cloth Nappy subsidy

While some ideas seem to take forever to get something to happen this one has been the opposite. If you're a family with a baby why not go and check this out?

Did you know that in Australia, we send 2.1 billion disposable nappies to landfill a year and because they take around 150 years to break down, they become a significant ecological issue as they take up valuable landfill.
As part of an ongoing city wide Waste Management program, The City of Unley is consciously trying to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, therefore an important way of achieving this is to encourage residents to use cloth nappies rather than the disposable type.
Cloth nappies have come a long way since the old toweling squares. Modern versions are much more absorbent, less bulky and easier to wash - plus they are just as easy to use as disposables and they look great!
The City of Unley is offering a subsidised program to encourage parents to use cloth nappies via a Cloth Nappy Library.
The Cloth Nappy Library gives you the opportunity to try out different types, sizes and brands of modern cloth nappies for two weeks, helping you find the perfect nappy system for you and your baby.
Information and demonstration sessions explaining the benefits of cloth nappies will be held as follows:

Wednesday 6.30pm 21 March.
Fullarton Park Centre
411 Fullarton Road

Monday 6.30pm 26 March
Goodwood Community Centre
32-34 Rosa Street

Bookings are essential.

Please RSVP to Grace at grace@kesab.asn.au or phone for further information on mobile 0406 001 216 or visit www.ecobumclothnappies.com.au.

Dads and babies are more than welcome!


  1. What the Eastern Courier had to say.

    Switch call
    for nappies
    PARENTS will be helped to make
    the switch from disposable nappies
    to environmentally friendlier cloth
    ones, as part of an Unley Council
    waste management program.
    Run by SA company Eco Bums, the
    cloth nappy library would allow
    parents to hire a nappy kit, including
    12 cloth nappies and two wet
    bags, for a two-week trial period.
    Unley Council would subsidise the
    cost, with parents paying $20 instead
    of the usual $60 .
    KESAB environmental manager
    Grace Barila said the cloth nappy
    library would suit busy parents
    keen to make the switch from disposable
    "You can order (the trial kit)
    online and Eco Bums will post it out
    to you," Mrs Barila says. -Parents
    just need to drop it off at their local
    library at the end of the two weeks."
    Mum Kate White, who uses cloth
    nappies on her children, Sadhbh, 2
    and Aislinn, 1, hoped the scheme
    would convince others to make the
    change. "For me it's never been a
    problem because I wanted to save
    money which is why I chose to use
    cloth nappies," Mrs White said.
    "But certainly for a lot of people
    it will be a big difference. They will
    see how easy it is and, although
    cloth might cost more initially, you
    get so much wear out of them."
    In Australia, an estimated 2.1
    billion disposable nappies were
    thrown into landfill a year, taking
    around 150 years to break down.
    Unley's first cloth nappy information
    and demonstration session
    will be on March 21, at Fullarton
    Park Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, at
    6.30pm. To book, email Mrs Barila
    at grace@kesab.asn.au

  2. Unley Council will subsidise the cost, with parents paying $20 instead of the usual $60 – for a 2 week Trial period.

    1. An interesting comment in the Eastern Courier 28th Feb 2012
      Good work, Unley
      I WOULD like to commend the
      City of Unley on its decision to
      subsidise the trial of cloth nappies
      ("Switch call for nappies",
      Eastern Courier Messenger, February
      I used cloth nappies when my
      children were young and, apart
      from the cost saving, I felt proud
      that I was not contributing to
      As a family, we did not find it
      inconvenient, even when going
      on holidays as the facilities in
      which we stayed were all
      equipped with a laundry.
      I strongly encourage families
      with young children to participate
      in the trial. For a little extra
      effort, you will have the satisfaction
      of knowing that you are
      contributing to a cleaner world
      for your children, and they do
      deserve to inherit a cleaner