02 February 2012

February Update 2012

Plans for the East Ave refuge.

Greenways project; As part of the rail electrification the state government (DPTI) intends to create a shared pedestrian/bike way along the rail corridor from the end of Emerson Rd to about half way along Canterbury Tce (at the eastern end of the boardwalk). If this proceeds it will be a real asset in Goodwood South, it will also reduce the necessity for the boardwalk and it can be removed and the footpath landscaped. We would still need to work on how to proceed with the eastern section of the footpath that is becoming increasingly unsafe to walk on.
Council Watch; This initiative is currently being trialled by staff. If any employees see something that they think needs fixing they can report the fault. In the first few months the following reports have been made and acted upon;

Infrastructure Damage 65

Suspicious Behaviour 1
Graffiti 48
Rubbish 62
Vegetation 84
Signage 55
Other 28

East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge; The public consultation for this has begun, you should have received a letter if you are in the catchment area being consulted. The more responses the better.

Dunrobin St; Residents will soon receive a letter asking for their ideas about the future of the trees and landscaping in the street. This is not only to gather ideas and does not support any one proposal. However, the current street trees, the red iron bark, have been associated with increased risk of failure in recent times.

Left turn bans in East Ave have now been removed after public consultation.

Byron Rd; The proposed centre white line has been abandoned due to your response.

Crosshatching of the railway line should commence shortly.

Mills St ; Consultation will start soon on the replacement of the first (east) plateau and improved traffic islands to reduce the dodgy U-turns that people attempt on the corner of Mills St and Goodwood Rd This has now taken just over 5 years and it is still not completed.

Railway electrification; Council will be briefed on this in March. One of the outcomes should be greater detail about how they intend to undertake public consultation.

Goodwood Oval Playground Fence; half of this has now been installed and the rest will be completed over the next couple of weeks.

Community Asset Review; staff are working with local clubs that hire Council facilities over the next few weeks.

Street cleaning; This is now done about every 3 weeks, residents have asked if it is possible for them to know when the sweeping will be done so they don't leave their own cars parked in he street that day. It would also give residents an opportunity to sweep the leaf litter into the gutter so it can all be collected at the same time. Council are interested in trialling this using text messaging. If you think your street would be a good candidate then Don and I can try and collect mobile phone numbers from residents.


  1. Just so you know and for what it is worth I have returned the form and opposed the refuge as I think it is a total waste of money and effort. In 33 years of living at # we have never seen or heard of a pedestrian incident. I regularly cross to use the post box opposite and as long as people are patient, they can cross very easily. It is not like there is a nursing home anywhere close where older people may need that sort of refuge in crossing the road, and even then it is not a wide enough road to warrant that expenditure.

    Had Council proceeded with their plans years ago for round-a-bouts at Forrest and Laught Aves on East Ave, there would be less/no need for this proposal now and traffic flow on East Ave in both directions would be better regulated.

  2. I think the Pedestrian Refuge on East Avenue is needed and welcomed as it has become extremely dangerous to cross east avenue during peak morning and afternoon traffic for adults and children.
    I think that a Pedestrian Refuge solution also needs to be set up on the intersection of East Avenue and Arorah road and/or East Avenue, Arorah and Victoria Street. Although traffic has reduced through suburban roads as a result of removing the giveway/stop sign on East Avenue it has made it more dangerous to cross the road to catch the tram or use the bakery on Leah Street.
    I currently cross on East Avenue at Chemlsford Street, walk across the tram platform (with a double pram) then across the tram tracks to access the bakery.
    In order to catch the tram into the city I currently cross on East Avenue at Chemlsford Street, walk across the tram platform (with a double pram) then across the tram tracks to access the pedestrian refuge/bike path on Leah street to access the tram platform to the city.