23 February 2012

Graffiti Removal Update

Currently Council have 4 graffiti volunteers fully inducted and trained in the graffiti removal process.

In order for Volunteers to be able to remove graffiti they must undertake the following steps:
Meet with Council's Volunteer Management Officer to register as a Council Volunteer and under go a general Council induction
Meet with Council's OHS Coordinator to undertake a formal Graffiti Removal Volunteer Safety Induction
Meet with Council Depot staff to undertake a short demonstration on the use of products to remove graffiti and have the process of reporting and recording graffiti explained.
On Wednesday 22 February 2012 volunteers Steve Smith, Wayne Hooper, Libby Robertson and Don Priestly attended a morning tea including a demonstration conducted by John Rose from Worlds Best Products on how to use the products therefore completing their induction to the Graffiti Removal Volunteer Program. The volunteers were then presented with their Graffiti Removal Kit and were thanked for making themselves available to attend the meeting and assisting Council with this program. The meeting was also attended by Mark Clarke, Manager, Assets and Sustainable Landscapes, Michael Howley, Team Leader, Parks and Horticulture, Karen Jenkinson, Volunteer Management Officer and Karen Kelly, Team Leader Administration, Assets and Sustainable Landscapes.

Residents wanting to know more information regarding the program please contact Council's Customer Service Team on 8372 5111 and you will be directed to Karen Jenkinson, Council's Volunteer Management Officer .

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